Conference Schedule Overview

Pre-Conference (Workshops, Tutorials, Doctoral Consortium)

All Workshops/Tutorials/Hackathon events must be purchased separately

Monday, 4 March Tuesday, 5 March
08:30 AM Registration
09:00 AM Full day sessions and half day (morning) sessions
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Full day sessions continue and half day (morning) sessions continue
12:30 AM Lunch
01:30 PM Full day sessions continue and half day (afternoon) sessions
03:00 PM Coffee Break
03:30 PM Full day sessions continue and half day (afternoon) sessions continue
05:00 PM

Main Conference

Wednesday, 6 March Thursday, 7 March Friday, 8 March
07:30 AM Registration and Breakfast
08:30 AM Welcome and Introductions (Slide-Wed)
09:00 AM Keynote Keynote Keynote
10:00 AM Coffee Break
10:30 AM

Concurrent sessions:

  • 1A: Keynote discussion and panel
  • 1B: Novel Devices
  • 1C: Curriculum
  • 1D: Multimodal Analytics

Concurrent sessions:

  • 4A: Keynote discussion and panel
  • 4B: Text Analytics I
  • 4C: Predictive and Privacy
  • 4D: Dashboards I

Concurrent sessions:

  • 7A: Keynote discussion and panel
  • 7B: Classroom & Collaboration
  • 7C: Implementation
  • 7D: Self-Regulated Learning
12:00 PM Lunch

Lunch and SoLAR AGM

until 01:30 PM
01:00 PM

Concurrent sessions:

  • 2A: Machine Learning I
  • 2B: Reading Analytics
  • 2C: Games and Learning

Concurrent sessions: Resumes at 01:30 PM

  • 5A: Feedback and Measurement
  • 5B: Dashboards II
  • 5C: Logging Activity
  • 5D: Text Analytics II

Concurrent sessions:

  • 8A: Intelligent Tutoring Systems II
  • 8B: Educational Theory
  • 8C: Campus Experience
  • 8D: Design and Development
02:30 PM Coffee Break

Closing Session

until 03:30 PM
03:00 PM

Concurrent sessions:

  • 3A: Machine Learning II
  • 3B: Dialogue & Engagement
  • 3C: Computational Methods

Concurrent sessions:

  • 6A: Intelligent Tutoring Systems I
  • 6B: Design
  • 6C: Sequences
  • 6D: Machine Learning III
04:30 PM

Speed Mentoring & Networking Session

until 05:15 PM

Networking Sessions

until 05:30 PM
06:00 PM
Conference Dinner at Desert Botanical Garden
Advance Purchase Required
Poster & Demo and Outdoor Reception
07:30 PM
09:00 PM

Important Dates

All deadlines areĀ 23:59 GMT-11

Submission deadline for main track categories (Research, Practitioners, Workshops, Tutorials and Doctoral Consortium) 1 October 2018
Notification of acceptance for Workshops and Tutorials 15 October 2018
Accepted Workshop Open for Submission 29 October 2018
Notification of acceptance for Research, Practitioners, Doctoral Consortium 19 November 2018
Submission deadline for Posters/Demos and Workshop Papers 3 December 2018
Camera-ready papers for ACM Proceedings: Full Research Papers and Short Research Papers 17 December 2018
Notification of Acceptance for Posters/Demos and Workshop Papers 4 January 2019
Early-bird registration closes 8 January 2019
Camera-ready papers for Companion Proceedings 4 February 2019
LAK19, Tempe, Arizona 4-8 March 2019